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Hassle free bulk product updater from Excel file for Magento

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Update information on all e-shop products simultaneously, from a single Excel file!

This module will be of interest to you if your e-shop has so many products that manually updating them would be a nightmare!



Do you need to change the prices in your e-shop, offer considerable discounts? Do you need to correct the categories matching products, change amounts, product names, whatever? Does your online shop carries so many different products that even the very thought of establishing some semblance of order seems like a nightmare? 

If this is the case, you have stumbled upon a module that is perfect for you, that will manage to complete this torturous and horribly time-consuming task for you, with little effort and in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is enter your changes in the Excel file in which you keep information about your products. Then you just upload the same file, now with updated content, to your online shop, and after a few minutes of easy setup your e-shop will have updated and relevant content, ensuring that every product displays the correct information. This module will make your ‘torturous’ job as simple as that!


Not daunting at all. On the contrary, very convenient and time saving! The only job here is to organise the Excel file and the rest will be taken care of in a moment, no need to open the product files individually or change the information contained within.


NB! If you do not have an Excel file with your e-shop products, we have something to create it for you. (To get an idea, scroll down to a link that directs you to the module).




With this module, you will be able to do the following in one sweep:



  • Change the prices of ALL products, even if the prices are all completely different. Really – no need to peck out all products in your webshop one by one!



  • Assign related, cross-sell and upsell products to multiple products.  It will allow you to recommend best items to customers that match their selected products. For instance, matching a jacket or belt or shoes to a dress, and if the customer needs a laptop they will immediately find a suitable mouse to go with it. This way, everyone is able purchase what they need and what is best for them, without wasting any time.



  • Change product quantities, status, visibility, colour choices, etc. The changes made by you will reach your homepage, all at once, in a flash.  This way, your customers always have access to the most recent and relevant information, with the minimum amount of effort required from you!



  • Change, add, remove or organise categories for a multiple products. For instance, you may want to move a heap of products to categories such as Sale, or ‘Special finds’, or to a completely new category, or remove products from a category they no longer match. All items can be moved between different categories or removed from categories in a matter of seconds. You just need to upload the updated Excel file, match the heading columns, and order will be restored to your shop.



  • Add a new attribute to an attribute set and fill it with values. For instance, you may discover that you need to add some new attributes, for instance ‘Colour’ or ‘Measurements’ to an attribute set.  If this is the case, you make the changes needed in the Excel file and assign new attributes to products as desired. Then you just need to upload the updated file and all your products will show more accurate information, so that your customers could make better and more informed choices.



  • Change attribute set for a lot of products. This is a really helpful feature if you want to organise your online shop. For instance, you may have many products in a set of attributes designated as ‘default’, but you want to move them to the set of attributes applicable to desktop computers. Here too the module will make your life easier, as you do not have to delete them one by one from your website. Adjust your Excel file, and after you have uploaded it you will have order in your shop.




All settings can be easily configured in the administration panel of your e-shop. The module has several setup options, thus providing you with flexible solutions.




Value your time and performance!      



This module is designed so as to introduce big changes in a simple but effective way. You just need an Excel file created by you in which you have gathered all information about your online shop and updated it on the go or at least organised that portion of the product information you wish to renew on your website. The module also allows determination of suitable column headings so that everything in your online shop would be impeccable, accurate and up-to-date.



Once you have uploaded the amended Excel file to your online shop, with the aid of this module, you will be able to match products to your online shop, using either ID, SKU or EAN/UPC codes, depending on the code configuration of your e-shop. (Based on it, the module determines whether a certain product exists or not in your online shop.)




With the Excel file you can make updates to your online shop in a flash!



The module assumes that you already have the Excel file.



However, if you do not have an Excel file containing your products, you need not worry, as we also offer a module that will create the Excel file for you!



It gathers all the information needed from your online shop and in a matter of seconds you will have an Excel file with all the products offered in your e-shop. And you can enter all of your changes into that file.



The Excel file creator, along with all of your e-shop products, can be found here: Magento Multifeed exporter



Make all changes/updates you need instantly



      1. Find the Excel file with your online shop products or have our Multifeed exporter module create it for you.


       2. Make the changes you need in the Excel file. 


       3. Then upload the updated Excel file to your online shop, spend a few minutes matching the column headings...




...and you are all set; one, two, three and done!  You will have uploaded fresh content on your web site with NO STRESS WHATSOVER!




Moreover, installation of the module is super easy and after installation it will be ready for immediate use. All in the name of helping you perform your work as quickly as possible!



The user manual of the module can be found here (here you can also see screenshots of the management panel view of the module and its setup): user manual




*This module has not been developed by Magento Inc. Use of the Magento logo means that the module is intended to be used with Magento and has been developed by Aktsiamaailm OÜ.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Knoraki AB
Grouping XML-Import
Supports Magento versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

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