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  • I want to change color to Cyan, but it is not on the list....
  • I click on the "Add new value..." button, and this screen pops up, notice the auto complete function
  • Ok, lets write there Cyan and press OK or hit Enter key
  • Voila! Cyan has been added!

Attribute value adder for Magento

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Add new attribute options within product edit screen

When editing or adding new products you may have wanted to select a manufacturer from the select list and the one you are looking for is not on the list. Damn, have to go to Catalog » Attributes » Manage attributes and add new value from there....

With this module installed you will never have to such thing since it allows to add new attribute value without leaving page very elegantly.

Works with every custom product attribute that has a type of select or multiselect.


Editing products for Magento Merchant made much easier

Attribute Value Adder for Magento

Lets edit a product
I want to change color to Gold
Manufacturer to Libero

There is no Golden color on the list...

Do I have to leave this page and add Golden color separately from Attribute management?

Fortunately I have Add Attribute Value module which allows me to add Golden color easily...
Look at the "Add new value..." buttons

Let's try with existing color Green,
notice the autocomplete function....


Lets try adding new color Gold

That was very easy!
Gold color is selected.....
And it was not existing before...

Change Manufacturer to Libero and we are done!


Wow, that was easy...
Save the product and verify...

Also works with multiselect....

Must have for every serious Magento Merchant!




This module has been tested with default theme in Adminhtml. If you are using custom theme in Admin, then this module may not work

This module does not work with Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8




* This module has not been developed or the code of this module has not been developed by Magento Inc. Usage of the Magento logo refers that this module has been intended to use with Magento and is developed by Aktsiamaailm LLC

Additional Information

Manufacturer OÜ Aktsiamaailm
Supports Magento versions 1.5; 1.6; 1.7; 1.8; 1.9

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