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  1. General

    1. The present terms and conditions ( hereinafter also referred to as “Terms”) are applicable for all legal relations, offers, sales and deliveries between the customers (hereinafter also referred to as “Buyer”) who are buying the licences of payment and/or shipping modules and/or their additional components ( hereinafter also referred to as “Product/s”) from the web store (hereinafter also referred to as “Web store” ) run by Aktsiamaailm OÜ, reg. code 11613272, VAT number 11613272, registered address Pärnu mnt. 48-27, Tallinn (hereinafter also referred to as “Seller”).

    2. In addition to the present terms and conditions, the legal relations arising as a result of purchasing the Products from the Web store are regulated by applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.

    3. Seller has the right to change the present terms and conditions. All the changes will be published online on website and will come into effect immediately after their publication. Using the site or by placing an order the Buyer agrees to be bound by present terms and conditions.

  2. Prices

    1. Prices in the Web store are stated in euro (€).

    2. Seller is accepting following payment methods:

      1. Payment via Swedbank (Estonia, Latvia);

      2. Payment via SEB bank (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania);

      3. Payment via LHV bank (Estonia);

      4. Payment via Danskebank (Estonia);

      5. Payment via Nordea bank (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania);

      6. Payment via Krediidipank (Estonia);

      7. Paypal;

      8. Bank transfer according to the issued invoice;

      9. Bitcoin.

    3. Web store price list is valid for timely paid invoices. Seller has the right to change the prices indicated on website. All the changes will be published online on and will come into effect immediately after their publication.

    4. Should the order be placed before the price change have occurred, the Buyer is obligated to pay the price which were in force at the time of placing the order.

  3. How to place an order?

    1. In order to purchase a Product from the Web store, please select the Product/s and click “add to cart” button.

    2. When all the Product/s are in the cart, please click the “checkout” button (at the bottom of the cart) to purchase the Product/s.

    3. Buyer shall review that the Product list in the cart is correct. In case the Buyer has a discount coupon, the Buyer shall enter the number of the coupon into the discount coupon field below cart contents and confirm it. Once everything is correct, please press the "Buy now" button to start the checkout process.

    4. Next, the Buyer shall fill in the obligationary fields of personal or company details and select the preferred payment method. After selecting the payment method, please click the green bottom “place order”. Before completing checkout the Buyer shall agree with the Terms. Once the Buyer agrees with the Terms and presses the button "Place order" the checkout process is complete.

    5. After having placed the order the Buyer may be redirected to third party payment gateway to complete the payment. The Buyer shall receive order confirmation e-mail after successful payment and see the confirmation notice on website.

    6. In most cases the order shall be completed right away after successful payment and the Buyer shall be able to download the purchased Product/s. The invoice is issued during 24 hours.

    7. The contract enters into force the moment the payment is transferred to the Seller’s bank account.

    8. Seller reserves the right to cancel the contract when it is not possible to deliver the Product/s the Buyer ordered or one or more Product/s the Buyer ordered was listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error. If we cancel the contract we will notify you by e-mail and refund within 7 days since you placed the order.

    9. Seller has the right to adjust its Products offering and thus Seller will not be obligated to make all or any of Products available.

  4. Privacy

    1. The Buyer hereby gives the Seller the right to use certain personal information. Information that is provided while performing a purchase is collected by the Seller in order to fulfill the Buyer order and to develop the service provided to the Buyer.

    2. The Seller may collect the following data: Buyer’s name, address, e-mail, phone number, details about the payment, registry code and VAT number.

    3. Buyer’s personal information is protected by all security measures required by law. Seller will not forward the personal information to any third parties, unless it is obligatory under the law.

    4. The Buyer has the right to control all personal information related to the Buyer and ask the Seller to change personal information.

    5. The Seller may send the Buyer special offers, newsletters and questionnaires via the email provided upon placing the order if the Buyer agrees to this.

  5. . Return and refund

    1. The Buyer has the right to return the Product in 14 days time, but only in case the Buyer has not downloaded the Product, except the Products that require license key. Buyer is able to return downloaded Product that require licence key, on condition that Buyer deletes the licence key and informs the Seller about the deletion.

    2. Returns are accepted within 30 days if the Buyer is unable to get the Product/s to work or it requires substantial amount of programming work to make the Product/s function properly.

    3. The Buyer shall send the corresponding message to the e-mail address

    4. Seller shall refund the price paid to the Buyer’s account at first opportunity but no later than 7 days after accepting the return. In case the Buyer returns downloaded Product that requires licence key the Seller will refund the price after inspection that confirms the deletion of the licence key.

  6. Force majeure

    1. The Parties are not responsible for the damage incurred, should such damage be caused by circumstances beyond the Parties control, and occurrence whereof the Parties did not foresee and could not have possibly foreseen (Force Majeure).The Parties shall use all the means to prevent the damages and ensure the fulfillment of the Agreement as extent as possible. The case of force majeure shall be proved by the Party who wishes to refer to the force majeure with the aim to avoid the responsibility for non compliance or non conforming performance of the agreement. Force majeure is not the change of the economic situation of the Parties, bad weather, increase of prices, holidays, bankruptcy, bankruptcy warning or ensuring action.

    2. The Seller’s liability connected to any Products acquired through the Web Store is strictly limited to the buying price of the Products.

  7. Governing Law

    1. All matters not covered by the present Terms are to be resolved based on the applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.

    2. All the disputes between the Seller and the Buyer regarding ordering and buying Products from the Web store are to be resolved by negotiations. Should the compromise not be reached, the Parties have the right to turn to Harju Maakohus ( Harju County Court) in order to protect their rights. The Parties shall rely upon the applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic while resolving disputes.